Lip filler

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Types of lip fillers

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Hydration and filling of lip wrinkles

For dry, chapped lips or wrinkled lips. Since hyaluronic acid binds water to itself, it works very well for hydration. 

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Russian lips

It is about sculpting the lips into a so-called heart shape by lifting the lips to a height - the resulting effect is much more natural.

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Enlarging and reshaping the lips

For clients who are not satisfied with the volume of their lips, we can use hyaluronic acid to enlarge the lips to the desired size

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Asymmetry of the lips

Lips sometimes show asymmetries (e.g. the left side of the lip is larger than the right, or the upper lip is larger than the lower, etc.) which we can correct with acid.

Frequently asked questions about lip fillers

How does the lip filler procedure work?


The lip filler procedure is preceded by a consultation, during which we agree with the client on the requirements for the final effect. The lips are first disinfected prior to the actual procedure. A local anaesthetic is applied and left on for 20-30 minutes. We then apply hyaluronic acid. 



After applying the acid to the lips, the given content is further massaged so as to get it to the desired sites diffusely.


Is the lip filler procedure painful?


During the actual injection into the lips, the client may experience mild pain, but the contents of the hyaluronic acid contains the numbing agent lidocaine, which acts as a local anaesthetic, so that the next application is almost painless.


How long does the procedure take?


The entire lip filler procedure takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes, and one hour after the procedure, you can apply makeup to any bruising or swelling - and possibly go out for a work dinner or date. 🙂



How long will the filler last?


A day or two after the procedure, the lips may be a little swollen. The durability of the procedure is 6-12 months, however, after the next application the durability and effect is extended a little longer.

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Our story

Who are we?

We are a company that was founded back in 2013. We started out as a general practitioner practice, but we have always tried to take a different path than others. In fact, we believe that a person and their health is a complex whole, which is why we provide comprehensive care in addition to symptomatic outpatient treatment - because we know that removing symptoms will not cure a person.


Medirect has been here for you for almost 10 years, but it is these last years that have been dedicated to our development in the field of aesthetic medicine services. This field, like any other medicine, is very demanding. It takes a lot of effort, study, practice and hard work - to be able to provide you with the highest level of service.



I recommend the doctor and Medirect with all my ten. I have had a narrow upper lip since I was a little girl and I contacted the clinic with a very small inner tube. They understood, explained and I finally feel the way I wanted to see myself in the mirror since childhood.


Alexandra Andilova

I can add to all the positive reviews because the doctor is a really nice person with a human touch and it is obvious that she wants to do her craft to the best of her ability. 

The doctor has a wonderful human approach, a sense of beauty, she is very empathetic and has very clever hands, she knows exactly what suits us best, she gives us advice and performs the procedure very gently, the slight pain is definitely worth it. I really highly recommend it, very nice doctor and nurse, you will leave happy and beautiful ❤️🙂


Jana Trulikova

It was my first time with the doctor, but not my last. The doctor is very nice and a great professional. She explained and advised me everything first. 
I am extremely satisfied with the execution of her work and I highly recommend it 👍